Wine Insurance

The pleasure of wine making and wine storage in one’s own home can be such a rewarding experience. The idea of knowing that a good bottle of wine is readily available for when friends or good company come by for a surprise visit. Storing wine, either for a collection or for future use is very rewarding. While the rewards are there, there is also the threat or the possibility of mishap in the future.

Wine Insurance is a relatively new field in the insurance business. It used to be included in the personal insurance or a home-owner’s insurance policies. Now, they have a specific field catering to them. Aiming to have wines being stored at home insured and protected when a disaster strikes.

Storing your wine in your own cellars might need sufficient insurance coverage. There are those who have their wine insured in their homeowners policy. But a homeowners’ policy sometimes only cover a small collection of wines for consumption. IF you have an exquisite wine collection where these wine are really expensive and/or are large in number, a comprehensive valuable articles policy covering your wine is needed to insure your collection. For really expensive or rare wine and wine bottles, the best way to do it is to have itemized insurance for each of your wine bottles.

Here at we provide you with a few tips on wine insurance and helping you along with choosing the best policy for you. We have tips on insuring your vintage wine, where to get italian wine, basic in wine tasting, and wine cellar insurance. So go ahead, explore, the pages in this domain. You will only be thankful that you did.